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Wetting your lashes
To allow the adhesive to cure correctly we highly recommend washing your lashes after your appointment with Luke warm water and your lash cleanser (we recommend the lash and brow professional lash foam) 
And for the follwing 24hours avoiding excessive heat and steam. 

Keeping them Clean
Believe it or not lashes get oily too! Oil especially sebaceous oil from our bodies is harmful to the adhesive. Not only does it break down the bond between the natural lash and the adhesive; It also leaves residue on your natural lashes. If the oil is not removed properly it will cause the extensions to pop off within a few days. 
FACT: By Cleaning your lashes daily, removing make up, skin care and natural oils with the correct cleanser your extensions will last longer and your natural lashes will be healthier and happier :)

Using Correct Products
Cleansers, Make up and Skincare play a HUGE role in maintaining your extensions. 
All products used around the lashes and eye area need to be specially formulated for the use of eyelash extensions. 

TIP: We have a range of products available online and in store for your convenience

No curlers
Heated or Manual these two babies are a huge no no. They will kink your natural lashes and may even snap your natural lashes with the adhesive. 
Even on natural lashes curlers are not the safest option. 

Keep Heat Away
Steam from pots and pans, saunas, fires, extremely hot showers need to be avoided. 
Most extensions are heat curled during manufacturing. This means if your lashes are exposed to the same heat at which they are curled at. The will lose their curl.
Extensions may also singe if exposed to heat.

Avoid Sleeping on your Face
Rubbing your face into the pillow or simply rubbing your eyes will cause your extensions to fall our prematurely.
Refills every 2 - 3 weeks

We lose approx. 2 - 5 natural lashes per day per eye.  Health and Before and Aftercare can affect this. 
After 2 weeks if applied correctly and lashes are shedding properly you will have lost around 30 lashes per eye. (This is approx. half of your set gone in 2 weeks) 

Most clients re book every 2 - 3 weeks to maintain their lashes.

Your lashes grow like. regrowth on your hair. Once there is too much weight on the tip of your natural lash it can pull the follicle and damage it. 

During a refill we remove that lash and apply a new one at the base. If you do not do your refills in the recommended time frame of 2-3 weeks you are putting yourself at risk of traction alopecia by now allowing us as professionals to maintain the health and strength in your natural lashes. 

Avoid picking and pulling and your lashes

This is pretty much self explanatory. It will pull out your natural lashes causing semi  permanent/permanent damage to your natural lashes.

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