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All treatments

All treatments have a 24 hour client satisfaction policy. You MUST contact us within 24 hours if you are not happy with your treatment for a complimentary fix (providing you are able to safely have what you are after due to having a consultation prior to your treatment. Example: If you have booked in for eyelash extensions and you want them longer, we will unable to provide that as it will be unsafe for your lash line and will cause damage to your lash line, only lashes that have fallen out where not picked off - and we can tell- will be replaced)
You also must provide photo's clearly stating what is wrong with your treatment. No refunds will be given on any treatment. 
Once you have contacted us within 24 hours you must book the complimentary touch up (and provide photos of what is wrong with the treatment) you then must book your touch up within the next 7 days. If you then cancel that treatment you will forfeit the complimentary touch up and will need to pay full price on the next treatment.

In order for your therapist to perform your treatment to the highest of standards it is important you let us know if you are taking ANY medication or if you fake tan/get peels, laser or facials as these can alter your treatments and put you at risk of skin tearing and allergic reactions/serious skin infections.

Eyelash Extensions

1 week prior to booking in for your full set you must not wear any mascara or eyeliner as most are wax/oil base and can leave residue on your lashes. The adheasive will stick to that and not adhear to the natural lash fibres causing the extension to pop off early (Retention issues)
Due to the same reasons you must also avoid heavy facial creams on the lash line and oil base foundations around the eye area. 
It is also strongly encouraged to avoid retention issues that you start using your eyelash extension every day for 1 week prior to getting your full set of eyelash extensions and remain using it along with no mascara/eyeliner/heave creams and oil base make up for the duration of you having eyelash extensions on. 

By being a eyelash extension client of ours you must cleanse your lash line daily as this will avoid excess oil build up along your lash line.
Failure to cleanse with the approprate lash extension cleanser you are opening yourself up to the high possibility of serious eye infections such as blephritis, lash mite infestation both can cause eyesight problems and lash line baldness. 

Refill times are all roughly based on the average time it takes me to refill that work. If you like them extra full or have lost a lot please book the next time slot. If you want to go fuller please book in the an extra 30minutes in the next catagory up 
Example Classic wanting fuller usually gets 30mins you would book 60mins in hybrid

30 mins roughly upto 14 days 

45mins roughly upto 21 days
45mins roughly upto 14 days 
60mins roughly upto 21 days 
45mins roughly upto 14days 
60mins roughly upto 21days

It is recommended to only book refills at a maximum of 21 days apart due to the lash growing and causing too much weight on the end of your natural lash which can cause premature lash loss and damage.

Brow Design

Please inform us if you have worn fake tan on your face in the past 7 days including bronzers or tanning lotions for the solarium. These ingredients will react with products such as henna, dye and tint causing the skin to turn green.

Please be honest with us with tweezing / waxing at home as this may alter out treatment. 
Especially if your brows are needing correctional work. 
We do understand how hard growing out your eyebrows which is why we want to work with you to be able to give you your dream eyebrow. 

To avoid skin damage it is HIGHLY important that you inform us if you are taking ANY medication, have recently undergone surgery or any medical procedures or currently get facials . It is also important that you tell us what skin care you are using and when the last time you exfoliated your face was.

Henna/Brow Dye
to get a great skin stain you need to have not exfoliated your skin for atleast a week as it sticks to dead skin cells. Do not exfoliate for 2 weeks post (on your eyebrows) for a longer lasting stain.


Spray Tanning

Lash Lifting and Tinting


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