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RE-OPEING INFORMATION for date yet to be announced.

Please note all Clients that have booking fees on their account / appointments that were not able to be used will be contacted to book back in first. These clients will have 48 hours to book back in. Followed by our waitlist that will be contacted via EMAIL. 

While we are thrilled to be back to see you all there will be some important non negotiable changes to the salon to keep us all safe. 
Please read thoroughly before making an appointment and send us an email if you have any questions at all relating to this. 
(It is also a requirement you read all of our illness/covid safe pages also found in the footer of this page - right down the bottom)

  • Only 1 person at a time is aloud in our treatment room including kids/babies. You will need to arrange your treatment time when you can find the time to come alone. This will be in place until social distancing laws are lifted.

  • If you arrive early you will need to wait in your car until your appointment time. 

  • When you come in please sit on the waiting chairs, if they are occupied, please wait outside or in your car and I will call you when to come in. 

  • We do small buffer between clients to ensure we have cleansed all surfaces in the treatment area and eft machine. 
    This buffer is not to be used if you show up late or want other things added.

    If you want extra treatments please contact us prior to see if we can fit it in or jump on one of the links at the end of this email 24 hours prior to update/change any of your appointment.

  • To comply with covid safety laws it is a requirement that you come to our salon completely healthy and we need to keep. your correct details on file for 30days post treatment. So please ensure we have the correct and updated spelling of. your legal name and correct mobile number on file. If you do happen to change these within 30days post ANY of your appointments you will need to update us ASAP. 
    There will be a link at the end to update your details directly into our system.

    There will also be an online consent form sent to your email so it is important that if you come to our salon you must not un subscribe. 
    We DON'T spam you with crap every day.
    I personally hate that and you will never get that from us.  Everything we send is updated salon information that is important for our clients.


  • Only clients wearing a mask will be aloud in the salon. Due to needing to wear a mask for the entire duration you are in the salon the following treatments will not be able to be performed under current DHHS directions 
    - Lip waxing
    -Chin Waxing
    -Neck Waxing 
    -Sides of Face Waxing 
    -Face Tanning


  • There will be no pillow or blankets provided until covid is over. If you are getting a longer treatment  such as lash lifting, extensions, henna or lamination. We do recommend bringing your own or a big cardi or coat to keep you warm. (Once covid is over we will go back to providing these for you again).

Just a reminder for eyelash extension clients. 
As much as I wish I could take you all back on sadly, with our limited hours and cleaning block-outs it is not possible right now.
We we currently are not taking on anyone else as we do not have the room to fit everyone in for even a full set unless its over a 2-3 months span and this wouldn't include infills. 
It will be slowly increasing as everyone gets in their usual routine again. 
Please keep an eye on our social media for once we do reopen our extension clients again. 
(Those with booking fee's on their account from infills and they were in the first lot of text's that have kindly said they are happy to wait will be first priority, I believe this is only fair)

If you are just after a full set with no refills I could possibly look into a time for you. 

Most extension clients are swapping over to a lash lift with the combo use of the lash wizard serum and Elleevate mascara.  
Available to purchase via our online store!

Feel free to do this too as its a lot easier to fit in. :)

Most commonly asked questions with reschedule appointments
1.I had an appointment booked with a booking fee attached that needed to be postponed during covid closure and how do I book it back in? 

We have contacted everyone via TEXT off our salon mobile number. 
If you did not get this please contact us ASAP.

Don't stress if you cant get back in asap or if you want to wait, all booking fees remain with no expiry and you can come in when you feel its safe to come back :)

2. I had a pre purchased refill / maintenace pack. What happens with these?
If you are lash extension client with refill package, simply purchase your full set again and then you can use the remainder of your refills :)

3. I am did not on your priority list but I am wanting eyelash extensions. Can you fit me in?
Due to us not being able to fit our exisiting data base in for the forceable future we are not taking on any new clients for eyelash extensions at this stage. 


4. Are you taking on new clients?
Yes we are, we will never close our books completely. We just are not taking on clients for now for eyelash extensions as we simply don't have time to maintain them in the time needed. 
For treatments such as brow design and lash lifts of course! 

Just make sure if you missed out on joining our waitlist that you watch our social media story updates for openings.


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