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While we have always had salon policies in place with coming to your appointment while sick or recently been sick. 
We feel it needed to be urgently updated due to the increasing number of cases of illness both within Australia and globally at the moment. 

We work in very close proximity to your face and the likely-hood of us catching it from you is very high!
Things like gastro or a simple cold can be contagious for up-to 2 weeks post last symptom. 
Our salon runs at full capacity and it is much easier rescheduling 1 or 2 clients than an entire 2 weeks if we get sick.

In accordance with DHHS requirements you must wear a DHHS approved mask during the entire time you are in our salon. You must be wearing it properly and ensure your nose and mouth are covered completely. If you are getting any lash treatments you must also have a nose wire within the mask to avoid any issues with the treatment. (As breath can escape up and cause humidity issues for faster processing/drying times)
We will also need to put extra sensitive tape on around the top of the mask to the skin to ensure no breathe is coming out affecting treatments. If you are sensitive to tape please avoid booking these treatments in.
The following treatments will not be able to be booked during this time.
-Lip Waxing.
-Chin Waxing
-Sides of face Waxing
-Under Chin Waxing
-Face Spray Tans

As a salon we have a duty of care to our clients in order to keep you all as safe as possible this is why
You must maintain social distancing when in the salon -  stay 1.5m away from anyone within the salon (Excluding therapist within the treatment area)

Pay on card, or after-pay – We will no longer be accepting cash payments.

We will be a book online only salon at this stage to minimise the amount of face-to-face time within the salon per client. (We highly suggest booking online as soon as possible to avoid missing your appointment spot. Bookings will be able to be done 3 weeks in advance).

You must come to your appointment on time and alone. No children can come due to the small are we work in and we must allow 4sqm per person to be compliant in opening with a covid safe plan.

We will be doing extended cleaning between every client on areas in our treatment area.
Like always as much as possible is single use and in line with DHHS we wash everything that is not single use in hot soapy hospital grade disinfectant and soak in a 70% isopropyl alcohol for at least 10 minutes to disinfect our tools.

All surfaces within the treatment area including but not limited to beds, trolleys, tables, door handles, lights, stools will be wiped down with hospital grade disinfectant and isopropyl alcohol between every client.

Therapist will be wearing mask and gloves for every client

Therapist washing my hands before and after each client.

Surfaces in the waiting area and bathroom area will be cleaned multiple times throughout the day.

Contact tracing information
You will be sent a link either via text or email to complete a covid safe form in order to keep your appointment with us this MUST be filled in and sent back before 24 hours before your appointment.

In the rare event that we have a positive case within our salon and we are required to give your names to DHHS for contact tracing it is the up most importance that we have your correct contact details.

It is up to you to ensure ALL details including First and Surnames are correct and correctly spelt along with your mobile number at each time of booking and to inform us of any changes as soon as they happen.

By booking an appointment at our salon you will also agree to inform us if you are a contact of a contact or just a close contact AND have seen us within 14 days prior so we can stay aware and notify any clients if necessary.


illness policy

Please reschedule your appointment by 2 weeks if you have been anywhere overseas.
In the 2 weeks post being home if you have had any illness including hay-fever symptoms even if you have tested negative.

Please reschedule your appointment if you have been unwell (even if you have tested negative or think its just hay-fever or just a cold) or been around anyone unwell in the past 2 weeks.
(including if you or someone you have seen within 14 days has been in-contact with a positive case of covid-19)
This includes but not limited too; runny rose, cough, fever, upset stomach, nausea, scratchy throat, Shortness of breath.

All booking fees and cancelation policy's in relation to this remain still non-refundable however they will be transferred across to your next appointment 2 - 6 weeks later. - Keep in mind for eyelash extensions this may mean a new set.

Due to the nature of illness you will be able to book a future appointment with us if required to self-isolate due to being a close contact or a contact of a contact or unwell yourself.
(one transfer per person within 3 months)

If you have tested positive to Covid-19 or been required to quarantine/self isolate due to being in direct contact with someone who has or been a contact of a close contact it is required after the 14 days of quarantine/self isolation that we receive a doctors certificate to ensure the safety of all of our clients.

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