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Brow Design


Brow Design Wax, Shape and Style - $27

Ayana Beauty Bar have their own highly sought after way of doing brows. 
Using your own Natural  Brow Hair to fully transform any brow in any condition. 
We are HIGHLY trained . in brow  correcting, restoring and design. 
Using cutting edge colouring , trimming, waxing and tweezing techniques  your brows will have never looked any better. 

Our Brow Shape and Style is finished off using high quality salon products and demonstrating how to use them to ensure your brows look the best they can every day.

Brow Design Wax  Shape and Tint - $45

Adding a tint  to  your brow design is a  must. Brow tinting will help bring up extra hair and help give extra depth within your brow. We don't have to go crazy dark for you to get those amazing brows you have always wanted. 
Our trained professionals  use a range of tint colours and advanced colour enhancing skills  in all of their brow tinting. 
Finished off using our signature free hand brow styling for correcting, restoration and design work. 

Brow Design Wax, Shape, Tint and Style - $55
The ultimate brow design for brow tinting, shaping and styling. 
Our Full Colour enhancement service, followed by our signature free hand brow design skills to take your brows to the next level. Finished off with a full brow demo on some incredible brow products to ensure your brows look their best everyday. 
*MOST POPULAR* - Great for first timers with us!

Brow Tint and Style - $20

Ayana's   Full colour enhancement treatment using high quality brow tints. Finished off with salon quality product demonstrations. 
*Please note*- We do not stain skin with our brow tinting like most salons as we find this gives a false illusion of your brows. 
If you would like skin staining please view henna treatments. 

Brow Henna Alone - $59
Brow Henna is the HOTTEST trend to hit the market. 
Henna is packed with goodies to help nourish your hair and help regain back strength and encourage brow growth.
Unlike brow tinting that just changes the colour of the hair. Brow Henna coats the hair giving  a fuller look and also better coverage for grey and white hairs. 
Henna is vegan friendly and has a large range of colours to be suitable for very blonde hairs right up to very dark hairs. 
Henna Skin Stain will last up-to 2 weeks on the skin and up-to 6 weeks on the hair.

Brow Henna, Design, Wax and Style. - $79
Brow Henna is perfect for those wanting fuller brows or if you are lacking that shape in your brows.  With a range of colours and results lasting up-to 6 weeks   our brow henna design with wax and style is our #1 selling brow treatment. 
As the henna is nourishing    and can help encourage brow growth this treatment is highly encouraged if you are needing some brow restoration work. 

*Pro Tip*-Try pairing with a lash lift and tint.

Brow Lamination. - $110
Brow lamination is the go to treatment  on the market at the moment.  You can get  those fuller fluffier looking brows you have always wanted. 
Using a water based adhesive we glue your brow hair onto your skin super straight and  in a new direction.  From here we   apply 3 different lotions.  step 1 to break down the bonds on the hair to allow step to to set your brow hairs in a new way. After this we can apply step 3 a nourishing keratin treatment to keep your brows healthy and strong in their new way and to remove the adhesive from the skin. 

Here we have  beautiful fluffier looking brows that everyone will be commenting on. 
*Please note:  This treatment is not  suitable for those who have sensitive skin, have had reactions to perming solutions before or on any medication/skin care that causes skin thinning / photosensitivity. 

The Ultimate Brow Make Over. Hottest Trend!



eyebrow tattooing

Why are we different? 
We believe in restore before tattoo.  After nearly a decade of experience in Natural Brow Design. We have seen our fair share of brow tattoo's that are not within the natural brow when we have been restoring. Either 2 tails or in the worst cases 2 completely different brows. 

At Ayana, we specialize in restoring natural brows and then using cosmetic tattooing methods to enhance the natural brow design. 
This way it will be the most flattering for your facial features and if you decide later on its not for you. You wont have to worry about having 2 different brows. 

Consultation - 30 Minutes  $55

During the consultation we will go over your shape, consult form and answer any questions you may have about the procedure and your design. 
We will be working with you and your natural brow shape to give you the best possible result for your face. 
At this stage we have MicroBlading/ Feathering, Blade and Shade and combo brows on offer.

Initial Design - 2.5 Hours  $650
 - Includes 6-8 week perfection session

An extra cost will apply if you are outside the 8 week mark for your perfecting session.

12 - 18 month colour refresh - 2.5 Hours $350

Please note: This cost is only for our existing brow tattoo clients

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