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Importance of cleaning your lash extensions

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Hello and welcome to our very first blog post. Ayana Beauty Bar has over 10 years and an abundance of knowledge within the industry. During our series of blog posts we will be discussing all things lash and brows. Our very first topic is the importance of cleansing your lash extensions. If you are a lash extension wearer or you are thinking about it this is a must read. This is a topic we get asked a lot about and we are so passionate about maintaining lash health. I hope you enjoy your read and if you have any questions please ask away.


Quite often we see new clients come in from other salons, whether it is for lashes or other treatments and if they are wearing lash extensions I always just have a little look at them. Ensure they are getting great lashes and looking after them correctly. I always ask if they are cleaning them - Most say no or that they just get them wet and use their ordinary face cleanser on them. For us this is a huge no no and lets talk about why. Did you know our eyelids are one of the oiliest parts of our bodies? All of this sebum (natural body oil) falls down and sits on your lash line and mixes up with some dead skin cells and forms a crust. YUMMY! If that is not enough for you to start cleaning, keep reading. That crust can block your oil and hair follicles not allowing the natural shedding cycle of the lashes. This can cause thinning out of your lash line and if resulting too many times permanent lash damage. It is also a breeding ground for bacterial infections such as blepharitis, lash mite infestations, conjunctivitis and many more.

Blepharitis is a bacterial infection of the oil glands of the eyelid becoming inflamed. Lash Mites. Also known as dermodex. I know you got freaked out when I mentioned it but don't worry most of us have them and they are microscopic and usually not harmful. Dermodex live in our follicles, hair and skin living off dead skin! They have a life cycle of around 14 days. Dermodex decompose on your skin and in your follicles and sebaceous glands. So you literally have broken down mites on your skin. Okay so I now know you already want to clean your lashes so GREAT I am so glad I helped you with this. By cleansing your lashes with a cleanser specifically formulated for eyelash extensions will also aid not only keeping those bacterial infections away but aiding in your lash extensions lasting longer! YAY Extension cleanser leaves no harmful residue across the lashes along with thoroughly removing excess oil, dead skin, debris, and make up from the day. If your lash extensions aren't lasting very long generally this is because you have some sort of residue across your lashes that has not been removed throughly enough. We sell and recommend the Lash and Brow Professional Lash Cleanse. This cleanser is formulated for lash extensions and has antibacterial properties to minimise the risk of infections. RRP $25 and it can be used as an all over face cleanser!

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