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Guide for isolation brows.

One of the biggest questions we have been asked during our temporary closure is, How do I maintain my brows at home without ruining them? So I thought the easiest ways to tackle this questions is to give you a step by step guide to follow to ensure no one over tweezers their brows. I will be drawing on a photo step by step and also popping up a video to help you as much as I can.

Step one: Levelling your brows. The easiest way is to use a pencil, brow pencil or eyeliner. As you can see I have removed a few small rows at the beginning of the brow. This will help lift your brows and open up your eyes. *Be careful not to remove too much here and if your brows are un even do not try and even them up. Leave in areas that need to grow in to become even rather than taking one higher to match it if need be* Step two:

Now that your brows are even we can start filing in your brows. Our favourite go to's for this are PONi Cosmetics - Brow Magic, This is a universal brow shade and very easy to use pencil. PONi Cosmetics Brow Duo Powder, for this shade of brow or lighter I would choose polmino. It's a perfect shade for blondes through to light brunettes combined with our brow duo angled brush. To fill in your brows brush your brow hair up and create a shape at the bottom and work up. Starting at the inner point of your brow closest to your nose. Including the "fan hairs" We love to try and start your brows just above the bridge of the nose. (not the outside of the nostrils or tear ducts as this can be too far out for most people) If you are missing hair there that is okay just leave it and let it grow in :) Once the bottom line is complete blend the product up into your brow filling in any gaps as this will help avoid any urge to over tweeze. Now onto the top of the brow. I find it easier to brush the brow down and start at the tail and work our way slowly through to the arch and back down. It should be a slight angle with a nice curve. To find the tail end point of your brow, it is roughly inline with your nostril out to the corner of your eye and out. To find the arch point, go with the flow of your natural brow as it curves around. Following your natural brow shape is always going to look flattering. *Pro-Tip*- If you are worried about tweezing too much brow hair, accentuate your brow with product. You will be left with a few extra hairs but that is OKAY! It's far better to have extra hairs for us to re design later than starting fresh with your design once we re open.

Step Three Tweezing time! Now that you have them filled in you can grab out your trusty tweezers. (This is the only time I wont get mad if you touch your brows at home!) Use your filled in brow as a guide and if you're worried, don't go right up to it, especially in the middle of your brow. :) The best way to tweeze is, holding the skin taught and sliding the hair out of follicle the same way it is growing out. For example: You can see from the photos most of this clients brow hairs grow towards the outside of her face. You would grab 1 hair with your tweezers and slide your tweezers towards the outside of your face to remove that hair. Our personal Favourite brow tweezers are the pointed precision tweezers, these are super sharp and glide each hair out with ease. Causing less damage to your natural brows as possible. It is at this point in time if you needed to do a little trim you can. Simply brush the hair up and trim 1mm off. Less if needed. We don't want to hold the brow hair up while we are trimming as it can create gaps. Remember Less is more! To purchase our brow tweezers and products please visit our online store listed below. Video time! If you are like me and a video works best. Here is a link to a video I took of myself doing my own brows using the same techniques listed above. I hope this helps you. If you have any questions at all please reach out.

Sorry guys it wouldn't let me add the video directly to here but I have pinned it at the top of our Facebook page so click the link and enjoy the watch :)

Thanks Guys

Sarah Cox

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